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Iowa BEST: Behavioral, Equitable, Social-Emotional, Trauma-Informed Health in Schools Summit
The Iowa BEST Summit is designed to highlight educators’ collective need to bolster support and care across the educational system, and to build shared capacity to get there. The sessions will deliver resources and practical solutions around social-emotional-behavioral health. #IowaBEST2021

The summit is co-sponsored by the Iowa Department of Education and the University of Iowa College of Education.

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Alysa Mozak

University of Northern Iowa
Director, Patricia A. Tomson Center for Violence Prevention
Cedar Falls, IA

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Mozak has extensive professional background as a victim advocate and violence prevention educator in both nonprofit and higher education fields. As a certified sexual health educator, Mozak currently serves as an ambassador for the American Sexual Health Association. From 2017 to 2022, she worked in consulting, training professionals in the medical, educational, nonprofit and business sectors on empathetic leadership, healthy relationships, trauma-informed methods and bystander intervention. Mozak has been an adjunct instructor at various Iowa institutions of higher education since 2013, teaching first year seminars on bystander intervention and sexuality, psychology, sociology, and applied human sciences. 

Currently, Mozak is the director of the Patricia A. Tomson Center for Violence Prevention at University of Northern Iowa where she oversees curriculum infusion of bystander education and strategies within pre-service teacher education and social sciences programming at University of Northern Iowa, as well as the implementation of Mentors in Violence Prevention (MVP) Strategies training and outreach in and among Iowa’s higher education and K-12 educational systems. Mozak received both her Bachelor’s degree in Adult and Family Services in 2006 and a Master of Science in Sociology, Women’s and Gender Studies and Public Administration in 2011 from Iowa State University.