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Iowa BEST: Behavioral, Equitable, Social-Emotional, Trauma-Informed Health in Schools Summit
The Iowa BEST Summit is designed to highlight educators’ collective need to bolster support and care across the educational system, and to build shared capacity to get there. The sessions will deliver resources and practical solutions around social-emotional-behavioral health. #IowaBEST2021

The summit is co-sponsored by the Iowa Department of Education and the University of Iowa College of Education.

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Rich Stoffers

Partnership4Families (Board of Directors for 0-5 kids/families
Board of Directors / Representing School Educators
Coon Rapids / Carroll area / Iowa

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Retired Professional Educator of 40 yrs.  On Partnership 4 Families Board of Directors. Our focus is supporting kids, parents, programs and child care providers / related agencies that focus on supporting 0-5 kiddos and families in every facet through research-based, evidence-based strategies and programs. Ultimate goal is a successful transition for kiddos into Preschool, Early-Childhood programs and Kindergarten. Wife was an educator and coach as well... have a son. Now have a Golden Retriever puppy after 40 yrs. of not having a dog! Motto: INVEST EARLY, AND OFTEN IN KIDS, STUDENTS AND PUBLIC SCHOOL EDUCATION. #KidsFirst #EducatorsRfirstclass